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University College London 

Director of the MSc in Security Studies

Teaching the introduction to the MSc, “International Peace and Security,” since 2022. 

Other Teaching 

“Latin American Politics” (First Term since 2022) 

“Spread of Conflict in International Relations” (Second Term since 2022) 

Teaching in Previous Institutions

University of Konstanz

“Introduction to International Administration and Conflict  Management” (Winter 2020 and 2021)

“War and State Formation” (Sommer 2021) 

“Inter- and Intra-state Conflict in Latin America” (Sommer 2021) 

“Causes and Dynamics of Intra-State Conflict” (Winter 2020)

University of Notre Dame

“On War” Prof. Sebastian Rosato (Spring 2018)

“Introduction to IR” Prof. Susan Pratt (Fall 2017)

“U.S. National Security Policy” Prof. Michael Desch (Fall 2016)

Short Courses

“War and Peace in Latin America” Catholic University of Peru (March 2024)

“History of IR in Latin America” University of Salamanca (April 2023)

“International Security in Latin America” Catholic University of Chile (June 2022)

“War and Peace in Latin America” University of Salamanca (November 2021)

Pedagogical Training

I strive for excellence in teaching and update my training at institutions like the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning (University of Notre Dame) and the Arena Center (University College London). I have also taught in higher education in Argentina, Brazil, Germany, and Portugal between 2010 and 2016. 

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