University of Notre Dame

“U.S. National Security Policy” Teaching Assistant for Prof. Michael Desch (Fall 2016)

“On War” Teaching Assistant for Prof. Sebastian Rosato ( Spring 2017)

“Introduction to IR” Teaching Assistant for Prof. Susan Pratt (Fall 2017)

“International Politics in Latin America” Instructor of Record (Prospective), approved syllabus available here.  

Previous Experience and Pedagogical Training

I started my PhD with over five years of teaching experience at The Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina (2010-2015) where I was responsible for designing and lecturing courses on “IR Theory“ and “Contemporary International Politics,“ among others. I also assisted faculty at University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Hamburg University (Germany), and Coimbra University (Portugal). I strive for excellence in teaching and recently updated my training on course design and interactive teaching at the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Notre Dame.

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