University of Konstanz

“War and State Formation”Instructor of Record (Summer 2021)

“Inter- and Intra-state Conflict in Latin America”Instructor of Record (Summer 2021)

Causes and Dynamics of Intra-State ConflictInstructor of Record (Winter 2020)

Introduction to International Administration and Conflict  ManagementInstructor of Record (Winter 2020)

University of Notre Dame

“On War” Teaching Assistant for Prof. Sebastian Rosato ( Spring 2018)

“Introduction to IR” Teaching Assistant for Prof. Susan Pratt (Fall 2017)

“U.S. National Security Policy” Teaching Assistant for Prof. Michael Desch (Fall 2016)

Previous Experience and Pedagogical Training

I started my PhD with over five years of teaching experience at The Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina (2010-2015) where I was responsible for designing and lecturing courses on “IR Theory“ and “Contemporary International Politics,“ among others. I also assisted faculty at University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Hamburg University (Germany), and Coimbra University (Portugal) during this time. I strive for excellence in teaching and continuously update my training at institutions like the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Notre Dame.